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The Dentists of Sotogrande is a Swedish dental clinic, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and is a full member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Located in the quiet area of Paniagua in Sotogrande, the clinic is equipped with the latest, state pf the art equipment necessary to provide a fully comprehensive, highest quality service in dental health and dental beauty.

Dentistry is a complex part of medicine that requires experts in all its different aspects and ramifications and this is the reason why it is of utmost importance that we provide a team of specialists in their own fields and offer patients the best possible treatment available according to the individual needs.

Each patient will first be examined and assessed by Dr Anders Friman in order to identify the specific need and assess if specialised treatment is required.

The process includes a detailed examination of teeth, soft tissue, supporting structure alignment, bite and quite a bit more. If necessary, X rays and even a model of the teeth will be made.

Right from their first appointment patients will receive a cosmetic consultation and subsequently, as a result of the examination, each patient will be provided with the solution and introduction to any specialist in our team as may be recommended.

The Team

Dr. Anders Friman

Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Martin Lazenby

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Odalis Mejía

Pediatric dentist/odontopediatra

Dr. Wojtek Maroszek


Dr. Sonia Ocaña

Aesthetic Medicine

(Left to Right) Jara López & Teresa de Molina

Dentist Assistant

Jara López – Dentist Assistant (Left)

Teresa de Molina – Dentist Assistant (Right)